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Sell Yourself With Sticker Labels

Jun 13, 2019   .   3 mins read

Sticker labels are an ideal way of selling yourself with few words. Although not popular, this method is an ideal marketing strategy.

With how fast time flies these days, you need to learn to say more with less. Sticker Labels is your way of saying less with more.

The Sticker label method is quite efficient and effective.  In this post, this article is going to be teaching you the many benefits of the sticker label and how to sell yourself efficiently with them.

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Why Sticker labels?

The benefits of the sticker label are numerous but for the sake of brevity, this article will be highlighting the three major benefits, which are:

They are quite cost-effective

Every business owner is searching for ways to save cost one way or the other. Therefore, sticker labels are your best bet.

For instance,  sticker labels are quite cheaper than running TV or social media ads. Above all,  they get you to customers beyond the world of technology.

With stickers, you attract all sorts of people, rather than only the “new school”, “techie kind” and “up-tempo” part of your target demography. This ultimately saves you cost because you would have spent more trying to reach them in the first place.


They complement other marketing tools

Stickers are quite useful as part of a larger marketing campaign. Therefore, if you choose to run an electronic, print campaign or advertise with a bigger, bolder means, you can complement them using stickers. They help to generate more sales and conversions.


Stickers are everywhere

Sticker labels can be used for a number of different purposes. Whether it be for event publicity, brand awareness or a sale, they can be placed just about anywhere and everywhere.

Their multi-purpose use increases your chances of a wider audience from different status pools. Your sticker labels also leave a long-lasting presence in your absence as they are visible to anyone.

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Ways To Efficiently Use Your Sticker Label To Sell Yourself

It’s not enough to understand the benefits of the sticker label. Knowledge on how to efficiently use it is quite important for brand visibility.

Here are some tips on how to use it:

Address Labels

In comparison to letterheads or envelopes, printing your addresses on a sticker label is quite cost-effective. It can be said to be the most effective means of small scale advertising for e-commerce business.

Client Gift Packs

 while you send that thank you card or mug to that amazing client, add a sticker label. This addition would create a proper referral for your brand and tell even total strangers where and how to find you.


Due to their miniature sizes, sticker labels can be used as doors, windows or even table decals. Placing them on surfaces sparks people’s attention to your brand especially when these surfaces are located in random areas.


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