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Printing: What Are The Different Types?

Feb 21, 2019   .   3 mins read

The issue is that clients and customers just want quality prints. Most people only care about having quality prints and not overly enthusiastic about knowing the different types of printing.

Perhaps you have visited a printer or print press before, you may have heard of terms such as offset, screen, and laser printing.  However, do we really know the meaning of these aforementioned terms?

Laser printers in the office or at home are very common but for marketing purposes, items such as leaflets, booklets, stationery or flyers, a professional print company is recommended.

For printing processes, there are three main types namely:

  • Offset litho printing
  • Digital printing
  • Screen printing

This article highlights the difference amongst all three. Come with us;

Offset Process

This process is called offset because the ink is first transferred from plate to blanket rather than going directly on to paper. It refers to the transfer of images to metal plates and then the plates to a rubber blanket.

Then, the inked blankets transfer the image onto paper. Due to the time required for setup, plates, and ink before anything is actually printed, offset isn’t recommended for small amounts and is used when very large volumes are required.

Digital Process

Instead of using traditional ink, digital processes use powdered toner. Your design goes straight from your editable files and colour images in jpg format to full-color print. When you need customized or personalized marketing, going digital is perfect as it works for minimum quantity and smaller amounts.

Screen Printing Process

This printing process has been around since the 20th century making it one of the oldest forms of printing available. It is used to print on fabrics, wood, glass, signage e.t.c.  It works on the premise that the image is transferred to a fine mesh and areas to be left blank are covered with a substrate. It involves pushing ink through the openings in the mesh onto the end material.


The Question of High-Volume Print

High volume refers to large prints runs with quantities often or even hundreds of thousands. When you print in high volume prints, the price per copy goes down.


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