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Point Of Sale Stands: The Magic Branding Tool

Oct 31, 2019   .   6 mins read

Point of sale stands are one of the most effective advertising methods in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Imagine you went to one of the  shoprite stores in Lagos and their products you were placed on a very bland table, Argh!!! I can assure you that you won’t even notice those products nor buy it.

Your product is top notch, therefore your branding must be amazing. In a magnificent country like Nigeria, branding your product is piority!

In this post, we are going to teach you the magical branding effect of  point of sales stands by highlighting its amazing features and ways by it enhances business growth.

What Are the Types of Point of Sales Stands?

If you run a big retail store like “Shoprite or Spar”, you wouldn’t be using tables to advertise your goods neither would you use any Point of sales Stand. Therefore, the first item on your mind would be to know the various kinds of Point of Sales stands and which works for your business.

The various types of Point of Sales Stand include:

  • Free-standing Display Units
  • Standees- Counter Display Units
  • Hanging Signs
  • Posters and Banners

Free-Standing Display Units: These are display stands used mostly in retail stores to promote and display a particular products.They are often placed strategically within the customer journey and utilize amazing designs and bright colours to call attention to customers.

They are mostly made out of two materials Cardboard or Foamboards. For durability, most Free-standing Display units are made with foamboards which are far stronger and durable.  Free-standing display units come in different shapes and sizes. Most are shaped in a shelf-like format but often, they are made vertical.

One important thing to note when using free-standing display Units is the quality of the graphics and colours. More often than not, the graphics are usually made out of the brand colours and design of the product advertised.Regardles of the choice of graphics, one important fact to note is the use of bright attractive colours.

Counter Display Units: These are quite similiar to free standing units but differ very much in terms of size and positioning.

Counter display units are smaller than Free-Standing Display Units and are placed on counters. They tend to advertise smaller products and encourage Impulsive buying especially for a customer is at his/her tail’s end of retail journey.

They are made out of several materials like printed corrugated board, sheet, metal or vacum formed plastic. However, the material used is determined by the duration of the display unit. Printed Corrugated board is preferable when considering short-term use while acrylic, metal or wood is suitable for long time use.

Also, they come in different shapes and sizes just like Free-Display Units. However, It is quite important to note the need for an amazing graphics and design.

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Standees: This is quite an unconventional but quite popular type of point of sale stand. This is a large self standing display usually used in promoting a movie or as a point of sale advertising. They are usually found in malls, city centers, movie theaters and cinema halls. In a boisterous city like Lagos, they are sure to be everywhere.

They are usually made of foam board and vary in shape from self-standing posters to elaborate three-dimensional display devices with moving lights.

Regardless, of how popularised standees may be portrayed for movie promotion, it is quite effective in product/service branding in retail stores.

In the end, the important factor is the amazing design and colours used to promote the product or service.

Hanging Signs: These are not exactly Point of Sale Stands but they are quite effective in the branding effect. They are typical forms of outdoor advertising as they announce your brand with a sign at the entrance of your store.

When running a small retail store in Nigeria, you need creative and attractive methods to brand yourself and make you stick out in the Nigerian market. With our customized electronic hanging signs  with  moving lights and motion graphics, your brand is sure to stick out like the popular “Eko market” in Lagos Nigeria.

Posters and Banners: It is said in print, that when all else fails, banners/ posters do not. You may be a startup and may not have all the money to invest in the above listed forms of Point of Sales Stands. Well, banners and posters are cost effective and they can function both in stores and exhibitions quite perfectly.

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The Key Benefits of Point of Sale Stands

They Are Exhibition-handy: Using your table to advertise ayour product is cool but very average and regular especially at highly competitive exhibitions. However, a point of sales stand gives your product a classy and attractive look. It is definetly a showstopper.

It is an Essential Retail Interior: like most big stores in Lagos like “Shoprite”, one popular store fixture are Point of Sales stands. These stands are strategically placed at major points around the store and stylishly advertise the various goods and products available.

They Serve as Store speedbumps: Just like the traffic speedbumps, most Point of sales stands help to break traffic within a store and help to encourage impulsive buying on the side of your customers. Displaying a new drink or a new perfume line using a point of sale stand is likely to catch a customer’s attention and make them purchase one even all they wanted to buy was a bottle of water.

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