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Maximizing The Use Of Digital And Print Advertising

Jul 03, 2019   .   4 mins read

Print and Digital are the two major forms of advertising. For brand visibility, you have the two options of print and Digital advertising.

Creating an online presence for your brand is quite vital. However, there are several  questions you must ask as a business owner “who’s my target audience?”, “what am I selling” and “what’s the potentiality of what I am selling??”

These questions form the background for the method of advertising to invest in. In order to create a wider scope of understanding, we would be sharing in this post, the benefits of the two forms of advertising and how to use them.


What about Digital Advertising?

This is the use of the web (internet) and other technology-related means in advertising. Digital advertising involves the use of social media ads, blog posts and marketing email in advertising. There are various benefits to digital advertising, such as:

– it is a cheaper form of advertising especially one with a fixed budget

– it casts a wider net of a specific kind of customer.

– it acts as an interactive source of advertising. Especially as customers and clients can relate to whatever content be portrayed with a simple click or comment.

However, as awesome as digital advertising is, it has its limitations. Digital advertising can only be directed to a certain kind of people. These people are usually tech/web savvy and unfortunately those may not be your customers.

For example, if I run a car brand, there is a large tendency that most of the potential clients are not on social media or digital savvy. So now the question is “how do I create brand visibility for my type of audience at the local level??? well, this where Print advertising comes in.

What are the tips for using digital ads?

Digital ads grant the advertiser a greater control of who sees the ad. Therefore, digital ads should be placed:-

– Using proper systems of advertising like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

– On their online community pages made of potential and existing clients.

– Using customer interactive mediums.

In the end, brand visibility involves the engagement of both digital and print ads but target audience determines which one would be in greater use.


Print Advertising Should Not Be Left Out Too……………

Print advertising involves the use of printed publications like flyers, banners, posters, or stickers in publicizing a brand. The fastest means to achieve great results with print is through adequate circulations. The more circulated a printed publication is, the better the visibility it would get.


What are the benefits of print advertising?

– It creates brand visibility for the local audience

– It increases the scope of your target audience

Although, there is a downside to this. A printed advert may still not appeal to the reader even when placed in a strategic location because the reader is not your target audience. Therefore, it is not enough to print fliers or posters, knowing where and how to get them across to your audience is vital.


These are the tips for using print ads………….

Even in this technologically driven world, the place of print advertising cannot go extinct. However, there are vital ways to use them and some of them include:

 Fliers/posters introducing a new product must include a discount or free product testing in order to attract both target customers and other members of the public. After all, everyone loves free things.

– Roadshows publicizing the products and services should be organized with printed materials shared out to the general public.


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