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Marketing Your Small Business With 5 Great Print Items

Sep 19, 2019   .   4 mins read

Owning and managing a small business can be very challenging, as it is very difficult to enter what would have been a saturated market for your target demography. A good and integrated marketing campaign is very essential in building your brand and getting your message out there. Most small businesses make the mistake of focusing on digital marketing alone.

However, print marketing is still as important as its materials help drive traffic to a website, social media platforms and also help to engage those who don’t spend as much time online. Kiakiaprint has helped a lot of small businesses and startups achieve more with our vast range of products. This article highlights 5 marketing ideas we know that will help your business grow.


Brochures, booklets, and flyers

Brochures, flyers, and booklets are great for advertising your brand. This is because people engage more with what they can see and touch, regardless of seeing the same thing in digital form. We have a wide range of options for you to print these items in terms of sizes, paper types & finishing options to customize your product.

We have different types of brochures. We have A4 Bi-fold brochures, A5 Bi-fold brochures, and Trifold Brochures. For flyers, we have one-sided and two-sided options, namely A4 Flyers, A5 Flyers, A6 Flyers, and DL Flyers.

Quality Business Cards 

The importance of a well-designed, professionally printed business card cannot be overemphasized. It is the first piece of marketing a potential customer sees, so you must take the effort to make it right. A good business card creates the right first impression. Specific questions such as the weight and finish of your card must be answered.

Kiakiaprint has all these options, so you have nothing to fret or worry about. We have one-sided and two-sided business cards, as well as magnetic business cards. You must pay premium for a good business card because no one likes a flimsy, poorly printed business card.

Banners & Outdoor Advertising

One way you can improve or grow your small business is to use banners and large formats. We have rollup banners to meet different types of needs. We have big base, small base, flex (large & medium), as well as teardrop banners.

We provide retractable stands and carrier bags for our banners. We can also provide or print outside posters, roadside billboards, and Vinyl PVC Banners for your outdoor advertising campaigns.

You can check our previous article on how to maximize your reach using outdoor advertising.


Stickers & Posters

You can use stickers and posters to promote your business and get your brand noticed. They are a very cost-effective way and get your messages seen by a huge number of people. A sure way to get your brand’s profile raised is to invest in stickers and posters.

Postcards and direct mail

You can send postcards and direct mail to the doors of potential customers, so they see your message. You can include offers, coupons, and deals that will convince people to engage and buy. This proves that you value them. That way, you can convince them to buy whatever you are offering.

Let’s Help Your Business Grow……

We’ve helped many new and small businesses grow with cost-effective marketing materials. Our prices are competitive and we have a lot of satisfied clients that have benefited from our commitment to excellence. We are a wholly Nigerian-owned company based in Lagos, Nigeria with just one mission: providing quality prints, anywhere, anytime.

We always strive to exceed their expectations of quality, choice, and value for money.

To see our full range of products, get quotes and order online, or for inquiries, simply visit Kiakiaprint or click here to contact our expert team today.

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