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Exhibitions: Steps To Creating Brand Visibility

Apr 12, 2019   .   4 mins read

Regardless of the kind or type of business you do, brand visibility is a key factor to consider for business growth. Most brand opportunities you would get would come from the great visibility tools/mechanisms you apply. Therefore, there is a need for you to learn vital brand visibility mechanisms, such as EXHIBITIONS.

EXHIBITIONS; just as the name implies are events set-up to show off brands and businesses to potential customers and clients while teaching them some vital business truths. Exhibitions could be hosted by you but not necessarily especially if you are a “Startup or an SME’’.

Exhibitions require a lot of effort and resources but trust me, their benefit far outweighs the expenses or effort put in.


  • It puts your brand out in a large space of people (100-10,000 people depending on the event).
  • It brings a diverse group of people with various interests to you, thereby bringing your clients (either big or small) to you.


What do you need for an exhibition?

Asides from getting a stand to exhibit your brand’s products or services, you would need:

  • Business cards/leaflets: not every person who visits your stall/ stand would immediately request for your services or product. Some may require your services long after the exhibition is over and a business card or leaflets is what would bring you to mind. Having a stack of business cards in sight would increase your level of visibility and portray you as an efficient professional.


  • Outdoor advertising through the use of banners, billboards, and posters: take charge of the entrance area, by having a banner with your brand details and designs calling out to the attendees.


A  Roll-up banner is your go-to advertising tool to get yourself properly introduced to people immediately they step into the premises. An X-banner is another vital tool to get your clients attention and point them in the right direction for their needs.

  • Billboards are another key outdoor advertising strategy. If your business is a big brand or into corporate services, a roll-up banner is definitely too small to give your clients an introduction. Having billboards in the surrounding streets and areas of the conference center is a wider option of catching your client’s attention.


  • Posters: these are key indoor and outdoor advertising tools. Decorate the areas of your stand’s location whether walls or tabletops with POSTERS of your brand and its services.


  • Self-adhesive vinyl: This is a flexible and versatile material used to create signs and designs for both indoor and outdoor advertising. Decorate whatever piece of furniture used during your exhibitions with your brand design using self-adhesive vinyl. It is flexible and easily removable and with its colorful and bright nature, the level of your brand visibility is quite high.


  • Discount Prices/Coupons: Do not go for an exhibition wanting to make all the money. Not every person who visits your stand/booth is a potential customer but with discount prices, they can become one.

The question of discount…..

Give out discount prices for some of your products and services especially those bought at the event. A poster comes in handy in advertising your discount prices.

Giving out discounts increases your clientele and puts your brand in a place of prominence.

  • Brand/Company Brochure: this is a must have for any brand or business, regardless of its size. A company brochure gives a detailed insight into the nitty-gritty of your business, and also lists out the clientele you have no matter their level and this helps to boost the confidence of potential clients in your brand.

Your brand’s brochure must be readily available for anyone and everyone to see.  A brochure is quite light weight as it is in form of a booklet and so, there is no complaint of lack of durability.


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