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Companies that built their brand on little details

May 14, 2019   .   4 mins read

Consistent attention to little details is the bulk of what building the perfect brand or business often requires . Therefore,understanding how perfect branding works for a business is quite vital

The little details that we often ignore are the ones that matter greatly. From methods of welcoming visitors to staff appreciation or finding the perfect icebreaker,  all these are details that influence our brand growth.

Today, we are going to show you some brands and the various tools and details they use for brand growth.

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– Enyo: is one of the fastest growing energy retail and supply company in Nigeria. This brand knows and fully understands the full essence of paying attention to details and as result their brand growth is enhanced greatly.

Some of their little details include:

Postcards: these are small A5 cards that are designed to inform their customers of their various products and services or discounts or coupons. These cards are made vertically to make them easy on the eyes for the reader. These cards due to their size can be carried around, placed on tables or be used as book markers. They can also be given to first-time customers or visitors to who come around the office.

– Greeting Cards: This is one of Enyo’s easy tools for brand growth. However they are mostly made during festive seasons, these cards not only send heart-felt messages but advertise the brand in the process. These cards come in A5 and A4 sizes and so are easy to carry around.

– Flyers: These are one major tools for brand growth for Enyo and many other companies. Flyers are a great tool for adverts placement. They come in small sizes of A4,A5 and A6. They are light weight, not so thick and definitely not bulky. Due to the make of the material, they can pasted on walls and other plain surfaces and so can speak in the absence of the brand in various areas.

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– The Divergent Group of Companies: this company owns several big companies such as Porkoyum, Landlagos and Femfunds. Due to the large network of businesses run this company, it is quite essential that they pay attention to the little details involved in branding their businesses. They do this through the following:

– Flyers: Flyers are one of the easiest and most popular ways to grow a brand. It is a small method of telling people of your brand in a small way.Above all, they are very affordable and serve as a large business card.

Trifolds: as small or inconsequential it may seem, trifolds have a long way to go in advertising your brand.For instance, Divergent group of companies often uses these trifolds to advertise and sell their real estate business.Similarly It often  advertises discounts and other services the brand offers. Imagine it as a news reporting system for your brand. It’s like a mini magazine with enough but not bulky details about your brand.

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