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Become The Ideal Santa This season with Our Ultimate Gift list

Dec 18, 2019   .   4 mins read


Become The ideal Santa this year With Our Ultimate Gift List!!!

It's the end of the year and the time to appreciate those amazing clients and staff that keep growing your business. However, you  have a dilemma! A dilemma that sends you round all the markets in Lagos, Abuja and maybe all over Nigeria.

 At kiakiaprint, we provide easy ways to solve your problems from the comfort of your home.We are a customer-friendly brand and we always and at all times, keep you our dearest customers at the top of our mind. 

In this post, we have put together a giftlist of 10 items to guarantee your post as the ideal santa of the year. Read and send us a thank you mail later. We are waiting!!!

                        The Ultimate Gift List

Greeting Cards: these are the simplest and most thoughtful way of expressing your thanks. A Customized greeting card does the magic without stress or hassles.

Greeting cards by Kiakiaprint

For your Greeting cards all you need is a good design which has a beautiful splash of your brand colors and the name of your reciever to make it more special and personal.


Order for amazing designs at


 Notepads, Journals and Jotters: A customized Notepad, journal or Jotter beautifully designed and addressed in bold fonts to that amazing client or staff would make them feel more than special and keep you at the very top of their mind.

 Ankara Notepads by kiakiaprintJournal By Kiakiaprint


 Calendars: Imagine you get gifted a calendar with pictures of you and your team mates as a design for each month of the year?

You know you are an A-list client when your picture is the face of a brand's calendar that you are gifted with.


 Customized Mugs: Making your client feel special should be your ultimate goal. With a mug that doesn’t just display heartfelt messages but also pictures of beautiful moments shared with them, your client/staff is sure t feel loved and well appreciated.

Mug design by kiakiaprint


 T-shirts/ Hoodies or Sweatshirts: You can’t change their entire wardrobe but what if you can add an extra clothing item that largely advertises your brand. A customized T-shirt, hoodie or sweatshirt is a large show of affection.


Photo Magnets: Our fridge magnets aren’t just for attracting new clients, they are also for appreciating old ones. Say a big thank you to your awesome client and staff by getting a beautifully customized magnet for them.


Mouse Pads: Make their work space more creative through a personalized Mouse pad. Let them leave each work day thinking about you and your brand.


Canvas Print: A blown up image of them on canvas is going to leave your staff/client overly appreciated.

A little tweak in the colours of the image to suit your brand colours and have your brand logo at top-corner of the print is going to create a lasting memory.


Speaking Cards: Did all the other options seem too generic for you??? Well, we’ve got another alternative that would most definitely blow your clients mind away. Record a personalized but heartfelt message and send them through  beautifully designed speaking cards. Regardless of how hard they may be, this would most definitely soften their hearts.




They say it’s hard to please Nigerians, we say come to us. For us, Print isn’t just about making money. It's about building relationships and warming the heart of others. This Holiday season, create a lasting impression with those gifts by placing your gift  orders at



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