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Become a True Lionking Fan with our Customized A6 Postcard

Aug 16, 2019   .   3 mins read

Postcards are one of the smallest but most effective tools for advertising.

That said, Imagining yourself as Simba isn’t going to turn you into either of them. Neither would singing all the songs on TheGift album get you more money or customers. Using a customized A6 Postcard with quotations and pictures of your favorite characters is far more effective.

In an earlier article, we talked about how to integrate print and digital in your marketing campaigns with postcards as a significant example.

Marketing Campaigns: How To Integrate Print and Digital

Postcards may seem little in the grand scheme of things. However, it’s one of the cheapest methods of advertising. It’s size, shape and durability makes it quite efficient for a number of purposes, such as:


– Product Description: Postcards can be used as mini-business cards. Unlike business cards,Postcards can say so much with little.

A postcard is supposed to be directional in whatever way possible. A customized postcard would be effective to describe your product in the most classy and fashionable manner.


– Thank-You Cards: Appreciating your customers now seems easy with our A6 postcards. Continual patronage is the desire of every startup. A beautifully customized post card guarantees this.Inserting a thank-you card after a transaction or a sale. You might also consider it a good after event package for your attendees.

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– Creative Invitations: A postcard makes your invite less-official and more inviting. A customized postcard would give off the idea of how entertaining and your event would be. This method is quite affordable and less-burdensome. With proper images and a stylish font, you have yourself an invite.

– Solve the discount challenge: rather than giving your coupons on strips of paper. Announce your discounts using customized postcards with quotations from the famous Lion King movie. Properly designed and customized to your taste, it sure would grab both old and new customers.

 Postcards not posters: Postcards are an alternative route to reduce cost. Postcards are less bulky and easier to introduce to the right audiences than a blown-up poster. A properly designed postcard is more attention grabbing than a poster.


– think simplicity: the postcard is to attract attention not to creep people out. Therefore, it is necessary to have simple designs with adequate fonts and inscription. Even when we use trendy elements like a “movie” or “musical lyric”, there is a need keep it simple and classy.

– Be colourful not dramatic:  A Postcard introduces your brand to new customers. Your colours should be attractive not blinding. Regardless of the trend you are going with, there is a need to maintain your brand colours when designing.


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