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5 Tips To Make Awesome Year Book

Mar 01, 2019   .   5 mins read

In today’s world, year book is not just an annual record or highlights of school activities; it tells of a school’s standards wherever it goes. A yearbook leaves an impression about a school’s brand philosophy. You have only one chance a year to make a year book and your precious memories deserve to be kept in the highest quality.

Let’s look at it this way…

How valuable is a book that contains your school’s profile and personnel?

How important is it that your school logo and/or school uniform is printed in the right color?

How important is it to you that parents are proud of a custom book from your school?

If you answered in the affirmative to the questions above then I’m excited that this article is for you.



Best year books get three things right – Design, Content creation and Print quality. However, getting these three pivotal things right entails focusing on the small details that make them up.

In this article, I’ll give you five simple tips that cut across designs, content creation and print quality that you need to know to make your next year book AWESOME! Before we delve into that let me share my little year book story with you.

I managed models as a side hustle in my days at the University of Ibadan. So, in my third year I met a Fresher, let’s call her Sade, she’s still one of the most beautiful girls I have met in person.

I knew I could make her a beauty queen but it was difficult maintaining a conversation because she couldn’t be too free with a stranger. Luckily, something saved me from this situation, that’s right! A YEAR BOOK!

My friend’s girlfriend who also happened to be Sade’s class mate in primary school left some of her books in my friend’s apartment.

YearBook leaves nostalgic feelings as they get older, so I always look through when I see one! Oh I remember how Sade and I laughed hysterically about her year book photos. Our relationship also grew as result of our mutual friends.

About a year later Sade contested at the state beauty pageant and became the crowned queen of Oyo state.

Don’t year book just have limitless potentials?

We’ll sure agree that many feelings come to mind when you see year book after many years.



It is important to state at this point that content collection is probably going to be the biggest challenge in your year book project. So, whether or not you are outsourcing your year book project, content collection requires good internal effort. After you set up a Year Book Board, make sure to;


  1. Dedicate a board member to a chapter.

Great results don’t come on its own; collective efforts make it happen. Dedicating each person to a chapter of the yearbook makes the tasks easier because each person feels a sense of responsibility. They are also encouraged and challenged by team members’ designative progress.


  1. Make a good first impression.

The year book cover will give the readers the first impression of your whole content. Therefore, it’s important that the year book cover design is elegant. Your cover photo also plays an important role in the overall visual appeal.

The best idea is to use the most representative images and short but powerful words to express your yearbook topic. Best designs are simple and consistent! Choose and stick to a theme for your contents designs.

Make sure this year’s cover is one to envy!


  1. Complementary quality visual and written content.

What poorly written article does to the mind is what poor quality photo does to the eyes. The efforts we put into ensuring that well written articles are featured should also be put into the quality of photographs featured.

For best results, a professional photographer/ photography company is recommended. Exceptions could be given to random moments photos for memes, jokes and uncategorized events.

Quality images are also important for quality prints.


  1. Enlist help.

You’re all in this together; collaborate with students and parents. Parents and students are usually more than ready to provide support materials for year book because they also want to be proud of the results.

Give your writers word count to curtail excesses and also ease editing. More importantly, your editing team must be professional; nobody likes to see their names misspelled.


  1. Print Quality.

This should never be underestimated. The year book print quality determines it overall value to readers. Year book is a form of memorabilia, and people intend to keep it for years. Therefore, you cannot afford to skip on the print quality.

More so, it’s important that the school image is presented in best quality. One way to make this possible is by enlisting the services of a good printing firm.



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