Using Outdoor Advertising To Make A Big Impact

Everywhere you look nowadays, brands & businesses are making use of every space available to attract new and potential customers. They also use these platforms to remain in the consciousness of their existing customers. This is referred to as OUTDOOR ADVERTISING.

Do you own a business and you want to raise its profile and reach a large number of people? This form of advertising is perfect for you. You can advertise on buses, billboards or even on sidewalks and there are over 40 types of outdoor advertising. We have listed our top 3 recommendations to help your brands notified.

Outside Posters

You can give your business some serious exposure with the use of outside posters. There are plenty of outdoor poster sites and sizes to suit all budgets. You can place them on walls, buses, street furniture and so much more. They are very good at raising a profile especially if your target demography is located in a geographical location. You enter their subconscious, and this can lead to them patronizing your brand, thereby leading to sales.

Roadside Billboards

With more brands trying to target the same customer, it is imperative that you have a marketing strategy to trump your competitors. You can use roadside billboards to trump your competition. They help to reach more people where they live, work and play. They can be very specific to target specific people. For instance, if you run a corporate laundry service, you can place a billboard in a central business district.

This helps you advertise directly to people that need that service because in a business district, there are more people who wear corporate clothes on a daily basis. One way of making a billboard achieve its objectives is to use compelling images, bold colors and creative content for high impact. People have less than 3 seconds to take in your message, so be straight to the point and try not to be overly patronizing.

Kiakiaprint Outdoor Advertising Roadside Billboard

A billboard shows you are serious and trustworthy, as people believe that you won’t pay a lot of money to promote a defective or bad product and service. You can place the same billboard in strategic locations to ensure maximum reach. We also do a lot of large format printing.


Vinyl PVC Banners

A good outside advertising campaign should have Vinyl PVC Banners as one of its major components. They are water-resistant and help provide a great visual aid if done professionally. They create a long-lasting impression and help promote your business or company.

For example, if you have business premises, you can place a vinyl PVC banner outside. It communicates your key messages and is a great way to highlight special offers and discounts. You engage with your customers before they even enter the premises. Just how cool is that?

 Kiakiaprint Outdoor Advertising Vinyl PVC

Get In Touch With Us For Your Outdoor Advertising

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