Gift your Partner a Bespoke Valentine

Tunde likes the tall dark slender babe living in the next street; he’s been moping at her every time she goes past his house to run errands for her mother but liver no gree am talk to the babe. Valentine is just few days away and he thinks that would be the perfect time to talk to her but he can’t go empty-handed, what to do????

Maybe you are like Tunde who has his eyes on a girl or you already have a bae but has no idea of what to get for him/her this Valentine season. Don’t fret; it’s not the end of the world.

Kiakiaprint, your number one printing company in the magnificent city of Lagos, got you covered.

There are several gift items fabulously designed and perfect for that incredible bae you can’t stop thinking about, on our site. Come with us to see some of our product offerings.

Customized Mugs

I know you might be wondering; “MUGS???”  Yes, Mugs!! As small as they seem, that round ceramic material gives off a huge sense of affection when properly designed and customized. Well, in this case, the customized mugs been spoken about aren’t just regular branded mugs, they are designed especially for you and your significant other and that’s why we call them the “His and Hers” mugs.

His and Hers mugs come in pairs with any inscription you would like for you and bae, be it pet names, love titles or nicknames.

Imagine giving boo a bland, black mug and while boo is trying to find a  polite way to say thanks, you pour hot liquid in it and the mug lights up to reveal your lovely message which makes his face glow in a 100 watts smile.  Well, that is the wonder of our magic mugs. These mugs are best appreciated by coffee or tea lovers or a genuine addict to surprises.

The magic mugs light up when hot liquids like tea or coffee displaying personalized messages for your lover and guess what???? It can also be made in the His and Hers which means you and bae can both have magic mugs!!!!

Kiakiaprint Valentine Customized Mugs

Greeting Cards

Wondering how to still celebrate the love season without breaking the bank? Greeting cards are your go-to partners. Cards never grow old or out of season regardless of when it is been used. Kiakiaprint greeting cards aren’t like any other found around as they are designed with heartwarming and romantic messages that thrill minds and thaw the coldest of hearts.

Kiakiaprint Valentine Greeting Cards

Fridge magnets

Are you that busy husband who is out of the house before daylight?? Do you keep disappointing madam on Valentine with no gifts or even love wishes??? Come on, it’s year 2019, time to change. With our customized fridge magnets, all that disappointing is going to end.

Our customized fridge magnets can be stuck on the fridge or even the freezer and so madam sees how much you love her(even in your absence) while is she is about to make breakfast for you and the kids.



Taking pictures every Valentine is an amazing tradition but if you don’t have hardcopy memories of this, what’s the use???  Photobooks help turn those digital memories to hardcopy reality. The compilation of pictures of all your valentine trysts from when you met bae till now would make such a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for both yourself and bae.

If your wedding anniversary was on Valentine’s day, photobooks would be more appropriate because it would document all the years of your marriage in photos. Isn’t that fabulous????


Customized T-shirts

This period of the year is the time to get creative with no guns raised. Let your creative juices flow with our customized t-shirts. The lovely inscriptions written by you is sure to get that loved one going gaga. the t-shirts would most likely end up on social media platforms with your name tagged more times than you thought possible.

Kiakiaprint Valentine Customized T-shirts


Love-themed stickers are one simple way to send a subtle but bold message of love to that one you cherish. The loved one might be a family member, a friend or someone you share platonic affections with, the sticker hits the nail on the head.

Nevertheless, the sticker can be used for romantic lovers. Rather than send those roses with their bland boring cards or that book with no inscription, order a customized sticker for your lover.

Don’t look too far to make this Valentine special….

This Valentine doesn’t have to be the same boring affair with the constant boring gifts, with the knowledge we have provided above, you are fully armed to this Valentine special. Don’t go running around, searching for who to pull this off, when Kiakiaprint, your buddy for all printing matters is just a click away.

Kiakiaprint, your trusted print and design company. If you are in Lagos, and order for Valentine items to make this season a truly special one for you and your loved ones.

Check online to see our full range of products and other printed marketing products. Our award-winning website is extremely easy to use. You can get prices, upload designs, order your print and arrange delivery online from your desktop or mobile device.


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