How To Choose The Right Business Card

Introducing oneself in the business space is a vital key to business growth. Complementary or Business cards are one way to introduce your brand to potential clients and customers. They create the first impression for your business and often market your business beyond your presence. Therefore, it is imperative that your business card speaks boldly and correctly while introducing your brand.

While a good and well-designed business card is good, there are some factors that should be considered when choosing one for your brand, business, or company. Let’s take a look at some of them.

What type of business card do you desire?

Having an idea of the various types of complementary cards that exist is one of the focal points of brand marketing.  Knowing your brand and business type, whether it is a startup, an SME or a large corporation, the type of business card to be used would always be a pop-up question.

Kiakiaprint Choosing Business Cards one-sided

There are three main types of business cards. There are the one-sided business cards, two-sided business cards, and the magnetic business cards. Just like the name implies, the one-sided business cards are designed to have all your brand info printed on one side of the card.  This type of card is quite affordable and easy to design. It is quite advisable and preferable though, to use the two-sided business card especially for SMEs and corporate organizations.

Kiakiaprint Choosing Business Cards two-sided

The two-sided business card is more professional and gives your brand a smarter look, as it has your name and business logo on one side and the rest of your contact info on the other side.

The magnetic business cards can be said to be your “everywhere you go” kind of business card. The magnetic feel makes it attachable and detachable to car doors, metal cabinets, and even metal tables and chairs.

Kiakiaprint Choosing Business Cards magnetic

It is like having your own personalized brand sticker with a little information about your brand, now who wouldn’t love that?


The shape of your business card

There is a standard rectangular shape that is used often for all that types of business cards but you can switch it in a savvy city like Lagos where everyone is hustling and trying to be creative. It would pay a whole lot if you get quite creative too with your cards.

Rather than the conventional rectangular shape, you could have a square-shaped business card or any other shape that you desire. However, it is quite advisable that you do not override your imaginations and end up making your cards look like the CD sets of a disc Jockey instead of a regular business card.

The paper and finishing of the business card

One thing you must always note when choosing a business card is the paper type and finishing option. Kiakiaprint currently has 2 options available when it comes to paper type. We have 300gsm and 600gsm stock paper while you can choose between matte and glossy when it comes to lamination or finishing. The

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